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Manufacturing High Performance Materials

ALM develops performance materials for a wide range of industry applications. Our patent pending technologies allow us to offer the following families of custom laser sintering products. Click a button below for more information about our high performance laser sintering Products.

Unfilled Nylon 12 Unfilled Nylon 11
Filled Nylon 12 Filled Nylon 11
Fire Retardant Thermoplastic
Investment Casting



The high life cycle of our glass filled polymers and additives will substantially reduce material waste, and thus lower your raw material costs dramatically. Furthermore, the high stability of our patent pending polymer blends will help your parts achieve the consistent quality and properties required for rapid manufacturing.

All ALM Performance Chemicals are manufactured to the highest of quality standards. As a chemical company, all of our products are shipped with Certificates of Conformance verifying the material you receive complies with our specifications. See our Quality Control section for more information.

Contact us to discuss your material needs. Our staff will gladly work with you to optimize a material solution for your application.

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