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Multi-Zone Heater

New MultiZone Heater System to upgrade your 3D Systems SLS® 2500, Plus, or Vanguard system. Nine (9) individually controlled zones will optimize your thermal distribution allowing a bigger build area. The heater wave length better couples the sintered part and not the virgin powder resulting in better powder recycling and stronger parts. Click here for details.

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StableTemp™ will eliminate the need to ramp your part bed temperatures during a build no matter the build height. Just set your temperatures, run the build and StableTemp™ will take care of the rest, build after build.

Accelerator (HS Upgrade)
The laser sintering process is widely recognized as one of the fastest rapid prototyping and manufacturing technologies on the market today. Integra Services International has developed an upgrade package that will allow owners of certain laser sintering systems the ability to significantly increase their system productivity at a relatively low cost.

XSTREAM DIGITAL & XSTREAM BDS (Beam Delivery System) Upgrade for LS 2500 CI, 2500 Plus, Vanguard, HS / HiQ machines

XSTREAM DIGITAL is an all digital integrated scanning system that has been designed for the highest levels of performance. This has been achieved by optimizing state of the art technologies in laser/scanner control, communications, servos, drives, galvos, encoders and mirrors into one integrated platform. The System uses an integrated controller to achieve advanced laser / scanner synchronization control. Optionally, XY2-100 command input can be used on either digital or existing analog galvos. click here for details
The XSTREAM BDS upgrade combines the latest in hardware and software technology to deliver the most consistant data delivery to the scanning system in all LS machines. With all new XStream BDS (Beam Delivery System) hardware coupled with software controls, XStream BDS not only updates the components of your Beam Delivery System but can increase the productivity of your machine. click here for details

Latest Upgrade Product

New Multizone Heater
Multizone Heater

  • Individually controlled heater areas
  • 9 Zones
  • Tunable system
  • Consistant mechanical properties
  • 20-25% less power required
  • 5ºC lower part bed temp
  • Drop in replacement for current heater
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